First Day of Freedom and Passion

Yesterday I ended my life of employment – working for other people.  This morning I started my life as an author and artist.

This has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted this forever.  But obstacles (raising a child, feeding myself, divorce) and fear stopped me.  It shouldn’t have I know but it did. There was also an element of desire for status. I wanted to look good to others, to be seen as making it – in their terms.  The mortgage, the designer clothes, the car, the travel to exotic places was the status that mattered.

I could have done all of it cheaper and easier and arrived here much earlier. Somehow my consciousness of where I should be didn’t kick in until much much later.

This morning I wrote and I created my twitter account and I named myself as author.  My goal in in this blog is to document my progress as I push my passion to create. As I struggle with my fears of being poor, of failure, of stumbling on the path. I will stumble, I will experience all those fears and more but my hope is that in writing this blog I will literally write them and continue on the road.



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