The Snow Shines A Light

Woke this morning to snow covering the ground. Unexpected at this time of year on the West Coast but it is still winter. On my walk here to the cafe for my almond milk latte I heard snow shovels being pushed along sidewalks and driveways. Snow lets people be friendly. They are outside, it is bright and so they smile and say hello and chat.  But the sun is shining, the snow is melting and everyone will go back inside their little (or some cases big) cocoons.

I didn’t write yesterday and I am feeling regret for that. It is my intention to write everyday unless something important shows up. There was nothing important going on, I was just lazy and undisciplined. It was Saturday and old habits slid in to play. There was nothing in particular I needed to get done…certainly nothing that couldn’t wait until the afternoon after a few hours of morning writing. The snow is a reminder for me to stick to it and not flitter away my time. Time like the snow, disappears and when you shine the bright day light on it and you’ve done nothing, it is not pretty.

Goal today is to hit my word requirements despite it being Sunday. Goal for next Saturday – WRITE.

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