Spring Fever

I am at my Friday writer’s meet up where we chat for 15 to 20 minutes and then get to it. Heads down writing, some on laptops, others hand written. I have my laptop open, I know what comes next on the page but  I can’t seem to focus. I write a few lines, then I’m people watching, writing in my journal instead of my novel and planning my day. Spring fever?

Today I didn’t wear a jacket, just a sweater. Not even a really heavy sweater.  It makes my heart sing to feel the earth warming and see daffodils blooming. I remind myself that even if I was working at a job I would be feeling this way.  But as a professional I would go to the office and complete my tasks, perhaps skipping out for a coffee or a lunch time walk.

So as a professional author, I need to apply that same discipline to my writing.  This is my job. It is what I do. I may never make a living from it (maybe a few dollars though!) but it is my job. And as such I can’t afford to lose the discipline.

So back at it.

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