It’s been a busy time. A death in the family, spring gardening, an aging cat having to be put down. All of which could have interfered with my writing but it didn’t.

I am pleased that I know have completed the first draft of my novel. I am on to rewriting it. So excited that I have come this far, despite numerous walls, moats and other obstacles being put in my way. I could have used any of them as an excuse to stop, to put the writing aside and do other things. Instead I managed to keep focused and put in my four hours a day of writing, taking care of the other tasks in the afternoon.

Well mostly. I did take the day of the funeral off.  But that is appropriate. The focus of my writing is not to madly ignore the rest of my life. I still am kind and caring. I stop to let others share their pain and joy. I leave it to one side when appropriate.

But the focus is there and I continue to push through. I can do this. And I will

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