Rainy Sunday morning

A light rain is falling, the sky is grey but it’s spring so everything is green. New leafs, new branches make the world plush and lovely. Add in the lilacs blooming, tulips and red camellia bushes and the world in front of me is quite astounding.

There at two other writers (one woman, one younger man) in this small cafe, working away. The rest of the cafe is full of older men. A group of three in front of me chat away, perhaps a regular Sunday morning ritual? A man sits alone reading the paper while drinking his large coffee and eating a very large pastry. He can, he has been running and has that skinny runner look. He wears a wedding ring. I imagine his wife at home, drinking her own coffee, moving slowly, perhaps reading a book. People used to go to church on Sunday mornings, now they congregate in coffee shops.


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