The morning…

Having my office at home requires me to have great discipline.  This morning I have done the usual that I would do if I was off to commute to work – emptied the dishwasher, showered, ate breakfast, discovered I’m out of coffee etc.  Then the temptations come in; I could do laundry, or weed the garden, or sweep the floor or go for a nice long walk.

And then I have to stop myself and sit down at the desk and get to work. My commitment is four hours a day of writing or a minimum of 2,000 words a day. Which is all I can handle. After that my eyes get blurry, my thoughts wander and I can no longer focus on the screen or paper. (I switch to writing out in long hand when I get ‘stuck’ which seems to cure my writer’s block).

Having just published 2 new novels I am now beginning the next one. Plotting out, finding characters, letting characters evolve. All part of the writer’s work and it is exciting to see what will come but also hard work. I like it best when I have the concept clear in my head and I sit down to just write.

Okay, I MUST have coffee so I am going to walk over the nearest coffee shop. Then I will write.

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